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Clinical, Laboratory, Sciences

Purpose Statement / Position Summary

Collect venous and/or capillary blood from patients in an acute care setting for analysis in the laboratory.To process specimens for laboratory analysis in conjunction with other members of the phlebotomy team.Coordinates activities to ensure timely collection and processing of laboratory specimens.Specimen processing does not require on-site supervision.

Assist Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS), Medical Doctor (MD) or Nurse Practitioner (NP) in performing Clinical Laboratory testing.Maintain working knowledge of departmental Standard Operating procedures as trained.Performs basic preventive maintenance as directed and maintains appropriate levels of reagents as required.

Under the guidance and supervision of a licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS), a Lab Assistant is able to: Perform Basic Maintenance of instruments as designated on checklists, place Quality controls on the instrument to run, change or add reagents, discard waste products, place patient specimens on automated analyzers, prepare patient slides and stain the slides as instructed and inoculate primary microbiological media as shown and demonstrated on checklist.(See procedure LBD 1000-8 for limitations of whatLab Assistants can and cannot perform.)

This position requires the full understanding and active participation in fulfilling the mission of Saddleback Memorial Medical Center.It is expected that the employee demonstrate behavior consistent with the core values. The employee shall support Saddleback Memorial Medical Center�s strategic plan and the goals and direction of the performance improvement plan.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities of the Job

1.Ability to perform phlebotomy and/or capillary puncture as required.

2.Performs clinical laboratory functions in a prompt and timely manner according to established guidelines, to ensure rapid and accurate treatment of patients.

3.Follows all steps to insure proper identification of the patient/or secondary specimen container.

4.Address the age specific needs of all populations served (see Age Specific Checklist).

5.Ensures that temperatures are read daily from digital thermometers and that preventive maintenance of equipment is performed on a regular basis.

6.Ability to perform specific added functions for each Laboratory Assistant type as listed:

A.Inpatient Laboratory Assistant (S-821 A):

1.Ability to perform specific functions to process specimens and ensure testing is completed within a timely manner:

a.Ability to Receive Specimens

b.Ability to Perform Specimen Integrity Duties

c.Ability to perform Dispatch/Problem Que duties

2.Perform Specimen processing for Send Out/Reference test according to the Referring Lab

requirements (see Send Out checklist)

3.Perform Processes as listed on Microbiology Checklist

4.Notifies CLS or supervisor of any inventory issues in a timely manner

B.Reference Test Reporting and Billing (S-821 B):

1.Under the guidance of the Clinical Laboratory Scientist, enters reference test results as assigned

2.Enter miscellaneous reference test charges accurately and in a timely manner as assigned

3.Ensures critical values have been reported to MD or OCPH

4.Ensures supplies obtained from reference laboratories are maintained at propler levels

5.Troubleshoots problems and follows up on any Sendout errors

6.Investigates special requested tests from clients

C.Donor Center Lab Assistant (S-821 C):

1.Under the direct supervision of a Donor Center RN, collects whole blood donor units from volunteers

2.Under the direct supervision of a Donor Center RN, is able to perform registration and scheduling of possible donors

3.Under the direct supervision of a Donor Center RN, is able to do daily preparation of equipment and collection supplies

4.Under the direct supervision of a Donor Center RN, performs interview and history/physical of possible donor

5.Under the direction of the Donor Center RN, responds to adverse donor reactions per policy

6.Ensures Donor Room supplies are kept at appropriate quantities

7.Ability to rotate to acute care setting as needed

7.Be at work and be on time.

8.Follow company policies, procedures, and directives.

9.Interact in a positive and constructive manner.

10.Prioritize and multitask.



  • Three years of experience in acute care laboratory in all departments preferred
  • Knowledge regarding specimen stability, effects of temperature and hemolysis, and effects of anticoagulants on certain tests.


  • State of California:Certified Phlebotomy Technician I required (State of California requires High School Diploma or GED equivalent transcripts in order to obtain Certification)
  • High school diploma or GED required
  • Some college science courses preferred
  • CPR certification is required when working at Blood Donor Center
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