Registered Nurse, (RN), Clinical Supervisor, Acute Medical Unit-FT/N (12hr)

SMMC-SMMC Hospital
Full Time
Job Listing: 
Purpose Statement / Position Summary
This position requires the full understanding and active participation in fulfilling the mission of Saddleback Medical Center. It is expected that the employee demonstrate behavior consistent with our core values: Integrity, Accountability, Best Practices, Compassion and Synergy. The employee shall support Saddleback Medical Center’s strategic plan and participate in and advocate performance improvement/patient safety activities.
The RN, Front Line Supervisor is responsible for operational issues of the patient care department during their assigned shift. The RN, Front Line Supervisor is responsible for directing and coordinating all operations of the department according to the policies, procedures, standards and standard work that guide the processes for the assigned department. Responsibilities include the assessment, planning, implementing and evaluation of individuals and processes for the department to ensure consistent high-quality, cost-effective patient care. The RN, Front Line Supervisor has the responsibility to manage material and labor resources as defined in the departmental annual budget. The success of the department is inherent in the incumbent's ability to demonstrate positive, professional communication with patients, families, physicians, departmental and interdepartmental staff to optimize workflow and to facilitate problem identification and resolution.
Essential Functions and Responsibilities of the Job
List of broad job specific functions.
  1. Models an interdisciplinary approach and collaborates with physician partners to achieve optimal operational efficiency.
  2. Supports MemorialCare initiatives.
  3. Promotes the advancement of the profession of nursing.
  4. Foster employee engagement, inspiring loyalty and leading by example.
  5. Creates a supportive and healthy work environment through clinical and administrative leadership and expertise.
  6. Embraces a Lean mindset and utilizes the plan - do - study - act (PDSA) performance improvement model.
  7. Fosters a culture of safety by assessing, applying appropriate interventions and evaluating the effectiveness of those outcomes. 
  8. Creates and environment that supports and enhances service excellence and the Patient and Family Experience.
  9. Ensure accountability to achieve financial targets through daily management activities.
  10. Promotes and participates in activities designed to support organizational excellence and growth.
  11. Demonstrates active support of the Journey to nursing excellence.
  12. Performs other duties as assigned.
Organizational Expectations
Preset goals from section 1 of CAT.
Delivers promised results, expects and helps others to do the same.  Is widely trusted and is seen as direct, truthful and authentic.  Chooses the right path even when it may be uncomfortable or difficult.  Takes ownership if mistakes are made and works to correct the situation. 
Doing the right thing even if no one is watching.  At all times acts in a moral, ethical way that is compliant with all laws, regulations and policies governing MemorialCare’s work as a health care provider.
Personal Responsibility
Accepts full responsibility for personal behavior and contributes as a team member to complete tasks, resolve problems, and achieve goals. Follows through on commitments. Take responsibility for their actions.
Regulatory Requirements and Compliance
Complies with regulatory requirements, applicable laws, and policies and procedures set forth by the organization and individual departments. Maintains all license and certification requirements.
Fiscal Responsibility
Effectively manages time and resources to reduce waste and complete individual, team, unit/department, or organizational-wide work activities.
Best Practices
Practices open and honest communication demonstrating support and empathy.  Respectfully ask questions and practices active listening to gain full understanding of diverse perspectives.  Maintains the self-esteem and self-confidence of others.  Effectively conveys both written and oral communication to achieve mutual understanding, while appropriately adapting the message, style and tone to accommodate a variety of audiences. 
Continuous Learning
Pursues both internal and external learning opportunities for self and professional development. Proactively takes responsibility for learning about trends and changes in their given field. Regularly seeks and accepts feedback for development and improvement. Recognizes additional work or duties as an opportunity to grow professionally.
Compassion and Simply Better
Greet and Connect
Greets everyone with a warm smile.  Treats all patients, families, and colleagues with respect and dignity.
Extraordinary Host
Takes care of our workplace (clean, uncluttered and inviting). Seeks opportunities to enhance our guests’ experience.  Provides patients with a quiet healing environment.
Guide People
Escorts guests where they need to go.  Explains the patient’s care in a way they can understand.
Express Appreciation
Demonstrates gratitude to patients, families, and colleagues.
Always Improving
Listens to our patients, families, and colleagues.
Participates as active team member, demonstrating a willingness to engage and accept shared responsibility. Works cooperatively and collaboratively within and across departments to achieve positive results.
Essential Job Outcomes
Section II of the CAT.  Specific job-related responsibilities and duties.
  1. Physicians as Partners – Demonstrates effective communication and behaviors that support team work in a professional manner.
  2. Governance and Leadership – Contributes to and supports the strategic planning process.
  3. People and Culture – Demonstrates behaviors that align with our core values and support a positive work environment.
  4. Quality and Value – Embraces a Lean mindset and utilizes the plan-do-study-act (PDSA) performance improvement model; fosters a culture of safety.
  5. Financial Resilience – Demonstrates appropriate management of department and organizational resources (i.e. time, supplies, equipment, staffing)
  6. Market Differentiation and Growth -  Promotes and participates in activities designed to support organizational excellence and growth.  Demonstrates Active support of the continued Journey to Nursing Excellence.
  7. Unit Specific Competency -  Demonstrates job specific competencies on the Acutel Medical Unit.
List the minimum experience, skills, knowledge and abilities required to do the job.
  • Two years’ experience required in an area of similar clinical expertise
  • Supervisor and/or nursing leadership experience preferred
List the education licensures or certifications preferred or required to do the job.
  • Current California RN license
  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing required
  • Current American Heart Association Basic Life Support Card
  • Current American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Specialty certification preferred
  • Current NIHSS certification required
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