Surgery Technician II - Full-Time/Evenings

Long Beach Medical Center
Full Time
Evening Job
Job Listing: 
Surgical Technician, Clinical

Purpose Statement / Position Summary

Under the supervision of a RN, scrubs for surgical procedures in the Operating Room as assigned.  Provides safe cost-effective patient care throughout the preoperative, intra-operative, and post-operative periods to the Operating Room patient according to established LBMMC standards.

Job Description

A.  Consistently applies infection control policies and procedures 5%

�         Completes preoperative surgical scrub and dons appropriate surgical attire.

�         Demonstrates basic draping techniques

�         Helps the RN monitor the sterility of the operative field.

�         Takes appropriate action if the sterile filed is broken.

�         Demonstrates proper handling of surgical specimens.

�         Complies with all requirements for handling of Medical, Biohazard, Pharmaceutical, and Radiation waste.

�         Demonstrates advanced draping techniques and/or draping techniques for at least 2 different surgical service areas at hire or within 6 months.

�         After probation period is cleared and with a minimum of 2 years Surgery Technician experience, provides orientation of less experienced staff, floats, and students.

B.  Meets population specific competencies 5%.

�         See checklist that reflects age/developmental, physical, psychosocial needs for pediatric to geriatric patients.

C.  Attends department specific education, training, inservices, and staff meetings 5%

�         All mandatory attendance requirements met.

�         Submits ideas of ways the service can operate more efficiently and/or education needs of staff.

D.  Department specific performance improvement project 5%

�         Recognizes changes in the department environment

�         Willingly incorporates suggestions for change/improvement into daily practice.

�         Contributes to the smooth operation of the department.

�         Identifies operational issues with the potential to affect the efficiency of the Operating Room and utilizes the appropriate chain of command within scope of responsibility.

�         Assists in performance improvement through data collection as assigned.

�         Utilize Chain of Command to improve Department Operations and Communication.

E.  Provides preoperative, intra-operative, and post-operative care 30%

�         Prepares for cases ahead of time by setting up room early, including equipment and supplies.

�         Preoperatively, assists the RN in preparing for procedures to prevent delays.

�         Preoperatively participates in �time-out� for patient identification, side and site verification.

�         Intra-operatively functions as a member of the surgical team (not to include suturing, clamping, or cutting of tissue).

�         Postoperatively, assists in transporting or transferring patients and cleans up after cases.

�         Correctly performs all clinical skills identified in Unit based Skills checklist.

�         Provides and assists with room preparations throughout the day.

�         Makes appropriate use of down time.

�         Intra-operatively, anticipates what the surgeon�s next needs will be for instrumentation and is prepared.  Table set up is organized and systematic throughout the case, utilizing Department Standards.

�         After probation period is cleared and with a minimum of 2 years Surgery Technician experience, provides orientation of less experienced staff, floats, and students.

F.  Uses surgical equipment safely to prevent patient or personal injury 25%

�         Checks equipment for proper function prior to use.

�         Checks equipment for all parts present prior to use.

�         Resolves minor problems with equipment.

�         Reports unresolved equipment problems on the day of occurrence.

�         Instrument, sponge, and needle counts are accurate.

�         Uses equipment and instruments correctly to prevent injury, breakage and loss.

�         Complies with policies and procedures on the care of patients with Latex allergies/sensitivities.

�         After probation period is cleared and with a minimum of 2 years Surgery Technician experience, provides orientation of less experienced staff, floats, and students.

�         Provides suggestions for standardization of surgical equipment.

G.  Provides care in a safe and cost effective manner 15%

�         Opens only necessary sutures and supplies prior to the start of the case according to DPC�s.

�         Checks assigned rooms for needed supplies and restocks per room checklist.

�         Assists with room turnover by cleaning room and opening supplies.

�         Completes tasks in the shortest, most efficient manner.

�         Takes action without undue haste or delay.

�         Utilizes free time to do special projects and seeks new learning experiences.

�         Follows chain of command for reporting changes needed for the physician preference cards.

�         Participates in clinical trials and standardization of supplies, submits written evaluation.

�         Uses AIDET at the first encounter with each patient each day. 

H.  Performs leadership skills and interpersonal behaviors that positively contribute to unit/staff functioning 10%

�         Recognizes and reports deviations from normal operating procedures.

�         Displays a willingness to discuss weaknesses and make improvements.

�         Incorporates suggestions for change/improvement into daily practice.

�         Takes direction from licensed personnel for setting and revising priorities for patient care.

�         Performs other duties as necessary and assigned.

�         Demonstrates ability to handle difficult situations with calm and control.

�         Uses discretion in handling delicate, confidential, and/or political situations.

�         Able to accept and work with new personnel who possess different learning curves.

�         To increase performance improvement and create a cooperative team environment the tech creates and supports a �no gossip� work environment.  All issues and complaints go up to the supervisor and not to coworkers who can�t do anything about the issue.  

Minimum Requirements / Work Experience
  • Two years experience as a surgical technician in the OR required or if less than 2 years� experience must be certified within 6 months of hire.
Education / Licensure / Certification � Required Prior to Patient Care Assignment
  • Graduation from surgical technician program or equivalent training.
  • High School Diploma or equivalency or evidence of higher education required.
  • BLS certification
  • Adheres to all policies and procedures.
  • Clinical practice is consistent with Standards of Nursing.
  • Successful completion of unit orientation.
  • Successful completion of clinical competency validation.
  • Successful completion of orientation and competency validation in the following services: Memorial Operating Room:Neurosurgical/plastic/maxillofacial, general/urological, cardiothoracic/vascular, orthopedic, ophthalmology/ENT. Women�s Operating Room: Gynecological/obstetrical.Cardiovascular Operating Room: Cardiothoracic.
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